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The Wait for Nicholas Misha


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

Libery Bell In Philadelphia..On it "Pensylavania"is missing a "N."We can't even spell it right!

Liberty Bell

Where We Could have eaten in China Town!?hehehe

Chinese Gazebo

April 6th...Up at 6am to drive to Philadelphia.Fingerprinting time!I drive 3 hours and go right to the INS office on Callowhill.Up to the 6th floor to see an old buddy,Annette Sargent.Annette helped us with our first adoption and is doing it again.I met with Annette who hands me my fingerprint paperwork.Out the door to Arch and 8th Street to get electronically fingerprinted.Back home in record time!I was flying high and was not hungry{Also,still on my diet!}The cost of the fingerprints were $25 each and the 1-600A {Last time was $155}is now $455!..............Did the fingerprints go thru in 48 hours as promised?NO!First Glitz!My fingerprints did not.The woman who took his prints did not push the "Save"button!So I drive back to Philadelphia to have them re done!Another 7 hour drive and the date is April 21st!I  have lost 3 weeks total because of someone's stupid mistake.But we are still smiling!;0).......Misha......I like the name NicholasMisha."OK..Set that in Stone!..May 5th...Receive our 171H in the mail.I got the same warm feeling all over.Exactly like with Tori's.This means it is Real in my head and definetely in my heart!During my wait we did alot of fun things!Among the top ten....Celebrated Tori's 3rd birthday at McDonald's with 11 of her favorite friends.Very cool place to have a birthday party.Personally ,I am planning mine their!$3 a kid and They clean up?Yep,That's where mine is going to be held!..........We meet a cyber friend named Laney who happened to traveling to Estonia.She met our little boy on the 17th of May and emailed to us"Gave presents.took lots of pictures.will tell you more soon.he is very cute!"I danced around the room for an hour singing"I have a cute boy!"....I guess an "Emnosintysis"works the same when you find out the sex of your baby!I found out he weighs 20 lbs,is 28" tall and very quiet.She finally chatted with me that Nicholas was eating when she arrived.He crawled up on her lap and she read him one of the books she brought from me.I sent a plastic photo album of All the family..Mama/Papa/Cectpa/Babywka and sayings in Russian saying "We love you"...."Mama is coming soon for you."I also got an Anna Geddes Teddy and had Victoria hold it while taking her picture,then I sent the Teddy.Sorta picture and material realization.I sent 2 books..One of Winnie the Pooh and One of Baby's first ABC's.Someone said that you can pay to have your child learn English.I'd send $ just to have him Potty Trained!.We also.celebrated Easter and a train ride with the Easter Bunny.Tori loves Church and we attended a high Mass at the cathedral May 13th{Mother's Day}for all adoptive mothers.I carried a picture of NicholasMisha which the Bishop blessed....May 25th,we finally receive our approval from Helsinki,Finland ..The American Embassy that we have approval to adopt.Now starts the wait for the courtdate and also the start of the "BEST FAMOUS GARAGE SALE!"We are going to celebrate NicholasMisha's 2nd Birthday with a big cake,his picture by it and we will sing 'Happy Birthday!"This is May 29th...Next year,my baby boy,we will go to McDonald's...***


Sending in the Last 2 documents! WE RECEIVED THE CALL FROM OUR AGENCY!And I wasn't home!So I called back and was told I was 80%dialated!Time to download and send in the last 2 documents:Power of Attorney and Orphan Petition.Wow!I read"Kimber is to be the adoptive parent"Mother" for NicholasMisha..."Son"....OK,Now it's real!I had the paperwork notarized then express mailed to harrisburg to be authenticated...Then to Washington,then to Estonia!The co-ordinator then goes to court "For Me" and adopts NicholasMisha as a proxy.So now,June 25th,I am at the Harrisburg Stage!But waiting for the phone call to say"You have a son!"


Ti moy seen

NicholasMisha turning 2 years old...Mommy misses you!

Ya tebya lublu

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Mommy,Grammy and Tori pose for a picture to send to NicholasMisha

Mommy,Grammy and Tori posing for a picture to be sent to NicholasMisha in Estonia!

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