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Getting Started for Tori


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

My 4 year old Tsaress
Like I was feeding her Beauty pills! :P

Married..without Children Yet!

March 16, 1998

Well,I guess our story starts out like most everyone else's.We tried to conceive and ran into fertility problems.One night,Jack comes home from work to find me sitting at our dining room table loaded down with paperwork.He looks at me and says"Kimber,NOW what are we doing?" I said,without missing a beat.."We are adopting a little girl from Russia!"After retrieving my husband who now fainted on the floor...we started the paperwork trail...This was March 16,1998.......First,we sent for passports,child abuse clearances from the dept. of Welfare,a request for a criminal background check and fingerprints on both of us.All clearances came back 2 weeks later "clean as a whistle."breathe,breathe....Then we requested our i600-A from the INS.Next,we sent the entire package for a homestudy.We decided on an agency and called for an appointment.Please keep in mind,some things have changed since then and this was Pennsylvania....Date is May 12,1998

Illustration: Moms taxi

ToriRose in her Christening Dress!

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