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Getting Started for Nicholas Misha


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

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Start DIGGING Again!!!

March 16,2001......Go fiqure!I started the paperchase on the exact day and month as we did for Victoria.I never realized it until the paperwork date was written in!3 years to the date,we start the paperwork again.I was online checking out the list of groups and posts from different Eastern European Adoption Lists and came acrossed a picture of a Beautiful Baby boy..I clicked on the Picture as Victoria was walking by and she looked at the Picture and said "Mama,THAT'S my little baby brother!"..I said "No, honey, thats' a baby boy in an orphanage just like you were till Mama found you!"
The next day, out of curosity, as Victoria walked in the kitchen,I clicked on the photo of Misha again.
Victoria comes over and says "Mama, when are you going to get my brother?"OKOKOK..It got me thinking!There's a little baby boy named "Misha"who was in an Estonian Orphanage.
That day,we arranged a meeting at my house with my family to see if everyone was in agreement...Victoria sure was!She never lost her Big smile from that day forward because she found her "Brother."

Nicholas turns 3
May 29,2002


Tori waiting for Her Little Brother,NicholasMisha!Hurry up..I have some new Toys to Share with you!

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