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Homestudy and Referral-Nicholas Misha


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha


We started our homestudy update on March 16th.My homestudy expert came at 7pm and left at 9pm.Sure,I cleaned and scrubed the house from top to bottom,but I wasn't nervous this time.Beforehand,I sat to discuss our future plans.How to tell Victoria{Who had already made My mind up days ago with"Mommy,that is my little brother!"as she pointed to the screen of photolistings and Misha},can I handle a "Special Needs"Child,and of course,the financial talk.All in all,we became closer as people,our family felt stronger and there was this bright light at the end of a Not -So -Long tunnel............Our homestudy was very informative ,all around the table.And as of March 29TH,Completed with the Police Clearances, Employment Varification, Physican Reports and an 1-600A downloading out of my computer to be filled out and sent!YYIIPPEE!!

Mailbox 4

What a difference from 1999 to 2002
My handsome Tsar

ya l'yoo - B'LOO tib - YA

Ti moy seen

NicholasMisha's Referral Picture at 16 months old!

Our referral Picture of our son,NicholasMisha at 16 months old!We fell in love!

For a Homestudy..Call 1-800-homestudy.

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