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Adoption in Tallin,Estonia


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

Fact finding at the Orphanage

Now starts the "Running of the Paperwork"....

Prince Hulligan

First night at the Romeo Bed and Breakfast was Tiring but a Very Beautiful,secure and comfortable place to stay.It was on the 4th floor of a very secure building in Old Towne Tallinn.The place has 3 spacious bedrooms with private baths all connected by a dining room ,living room, and hallway which extend off to a kitchen complete with every modern convience ,even a computer!Nicholas was very hungry ,wanting to play and loved his bath!We fed him bananas,oatmeal,milk and bread.The orphanage didnot tell us anything about him except "He doesn't like cheese or veggies.And he takes a 4 hour nap in the afternoon."So we adjusted...Bed time was another matter all together!Nicholas did NOT want to sleep so we tried to tire him out{We were already Tired!}Finally we just put him in his crib and after awhile of crying and rocking,he feel asleep{11PM}AND SO DID WE!

Nicholas at the Romeo's Bed and Breakfast

Dec 14th{After a whole day on the 13th of playing all day with Nicholas and another Crying/Rocking night with no nap},the interpetor,facilatator and I go to meet with the Officer of Orphan Children.When we got her,we drive to the passport office and were told Dec 27th,Nicholas' passport would be ready..NO WAY,We are leaving Dec 20.The Officer yelled,Passport ladies yelled,my "Guys"yelled{I tried to yell but noone spoke English!}and 24 hours later ,I had my son's passport and the people that helped had cakes,cookies and a couple of bottles of Champagne!Everyone LOVES gifts!Dec 15th..Pam goes to see her daughter who is about a 2 hour drive,so I go shopping!Nicholas loves outside{Getting him out the door is another story..He screams!]The courtyard had beautiful homemade sweater shoppes,Ginger cookies,Santa AND his reindeer.Nicholas Loved sitting on Santa's lap and Mommy LOVED shopping!I have been cooking dinner for everyone every night{Our breakfast is included and is prepared every morning}.So the weekend was relaxing as we waited for Monday morning and A LOT OF MEETINGS .with the Ministery of Education{MOE},Visa officers,US Embassy,Finnish Embassy, and say 'Goodbye"to Nicholas'Orphanage...It is very dark 22 hours out of the day so I am on the email alot!And playing with Prince Hulligan who has captured everyone's heart especially mine..I bonded!But I miss my daughter Tori rose So much!

Romeo's Family address is Tanuma 37, Tallinn, Estonia..13521.Best place to stay..Tell them Kimber sent you!

Dec. 17th...9am up and running to the Finland Embassy in Tallinn to pick up the Visa application to take to Finland.I needed a Tallinn letter{US Embassy}to take to the Finnish {USEmbassy}to get permission to fly from Tallinn to Finland.Then at noon,we 3 adoptive moms- to- be all were seated in from of the Minister Of Education{MOE} who answered our questions and told us all she knew about our kids.Then it was off to Nicholas' Orphanage with Cake,Champagne and All of Nicholas' clothes save 3 outfits to donate.We arrived to find all the staff available and crying with joy{And missing him but glad he was going to America}.While all played and exchanaged gifts,I was on the phone to the USEmbassy in Finland Yelling my lungs out!They would not grant me an appointment until to 8th of Jan BECAUSE NOONE CALLED FROM THE AGENCY TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT FOR ME!!Then it was the 27th of Dec,Then 21th,Then finally after acouple of calls to the Consulate,Constanse Anderson..She said I could have an appt. on the 18th if I got a doctor's appt first.So 1 more call to a doctor in Finland who said 12:30PM{Our plane lands in Finland at 12:05PM!}So ,to say the least,Nicholas and Mommy were exhausted by the time we got to the Romeo's.The girls got to go shopping and brought back food for a scrumpcious Farewell dinner which I made.At 10pm,The Romeo's came by to celebrate with Champagne and we all hit the Bed snoring afterwards!Time to pack tomorrow and leave for Finland.I am really going to miss Tallinn and all the wonderful people I have met especially the Romeo Family!

Pam and  "Sipsu" calling Daddy in the States!

Dec.18th..Nicholas' first plane flight lasts 30 minutes and then we are off running for a taxi to the Doctor's appt at the Unversity Hospital in Finland leaving Pam behind with 7 bags of luggage to find a taxi and get to Anna Hotel where we were staying.We found the Doctor who took 5 minutes to listen to Nicholas' lungs,filled out the paperwork{Which we found out later was the wrong application},PAID HER A CRISP $100,and got a taxi to the Anna Hotel to meet Pam.After arriving,we had to leave to the USEmbassy to refile our dossier which after a 2 hour wait,found out that I was missing part of my dossier.I was to have it faxed from the USA to them by 9am{It is 3am in the States.}Back to the Hotel with a very sleepy 2 yr old and an exhausted Pam to call our agency to have everything faxed.Now to wait so I went shopping,bought lunch back(Subway hoagies},and passed out in bed at 8pm! Dec 19th...Back to the Embassy after a phone call at 9am saying to be there by 11am.Pam stayed with Nicholas who was so tired but happily playing with his new Aunt!Finally after screaming some more at the Embassy consulate and paying $325 in cash{Please bring exact amount.Noone has change!}I was back to the Hotel with the Visa atlast!More shopping and a Pizza for dinner.Nicholas is really being a good boy and I Thank God every day for Pam.She is a God sent!5AM....Wake up call to 10" of snow and time to board the plane!$500 RT for me and $734 for ONE WAY for Nicholas and British Airs has no food for the kid!Thankfully,Pam and I have stocked up on Cookies and Bananas!Touch down in London Heathrow then on to JFK!We landed 1 hour early and proceeded to INS which took 5 minutes,then to find our luggage which never made it!Still in Finland with all our Christmas presents and clothes!Pam takes off for Florida and I greet Mom,Jack and Torirose with our Smiling Nicholas!Off in a strech white Limo to Waymart and Nicholas New life!Sister loves him already!

Julia...Nicholas' Caretaker from the beginning