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After We all are Home.....


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

My Twins?
Definite Brother and Sister

Well...We finally had Nicholas' 3rd birthday party for him which he was finally in attentance for!What a blast!
He had a Jumper,2 Birthday cakes{Pooh and Barney},loads of presents and guests especailly one:Big Bird!
2 pinatas to bust open and an ATV from Mommy! :0)
Torirose was the Hostess!

Best Kids!
My 2 angels at their Bests!

Alot has happened since our first adoption in 1999 .And our second adoption completed in 2001.Here,I will try to keep you updated!I am the Luckiest Mom in the World!

Easter Picture
All dressed up for the Lord

Our Favorite Poppop!
Even though Poppop was in the Hospital for Easter,We brought him an Easter Basket full of goodies!

VictoriaRose's School Picture
What a beautiful Girl!

VictoriaRose graduates from PrePre School on May 8th then turns 4 on May 9th.She is all ready to attend school in the Fall but for now,just wants to play with her new little brother{And show him the ropes!}
The Tsaress requested a "Barbie Birthday"party and I think she may even get her Barbie Bicycle!With training wheels{For Nicholas,she says.}

Mama and Nicholas
Snowball fight!

Nicholas with the Easter Bunny!Give me Candy!

Nicholas is a very bright little man who knows how to steal everyone's heart with a smile.His nickname in Estonia was "Prince Hooligan"and still is!
A very content,well adjusted child who sometimes forget and starts rattling on in Russian!
He absolutely Adores his big Sissy and has Mama wrapped right around his little finger!
Nicholas will turn 3 on May 29th and We hear thru the grapevine that Barney is going to make an apperance!

My Update..We sold the "Bank" house and now live in our new home..."The Brick House" where the Big, Bad Wolf won't get us!
Recently, Victoria graduated private school and now is awaiting 1st Grade.She did Very well especially in Communications ...aka.Talks alot.She received an award for that!
On Mother;s Day,Victoria turns 6 years old!
Now into Swimming, Lip gloss and climbing trees!
Nicholas is finally going to graduate Early Intervention.Yes, there are some development delayes(Will not write,color...very defient)BUT is finally Potty trained!
He turned 5 on May 29th and we had a big party with the theme being "Scooby Doo"...Favorite videos also.All Nicholas wanted was balloons and shoes!
Nicholas has really Sprouted up finally...At 34" and 34 lbs...He is almost as big as "Sissy" at 43" and 45 lbs!
Mama is still very happy and now a Foster Parent awaiting another child plus a Foreign Exchange student in August from Taiwan.
Busy,Tired but extremely Content!