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The Wait for Victoria Rose


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

November 20-January 20, 1999

Now comes the hard part,"THE WAIT"...What I did during our wait..celebrated our birthdays,and bought everything that Baby Depot, Toys R Us and Carter's had.Being I bought an old bank with 13 rooms,we redesigned the entire house.This WAS a mutual decision.My family was so supportive.My sisters, whose kids are ready to have their own kids, where telling everyone.."Kimber is going to be a mom!"My mother thought she'd never be a "Grammy" again, was absolutely tickled!PINK!....Then came Dec. 25,This was very hard on me because our Victoria Rose wasn't with us.Walking by the baby's room about ripped my heart out.I must have folded and refolded those cute little outfits.I started attending church every morning.I attend mass every Sunday.I said rosary twice a day and I swear I had pregnancy pains and morning sickness.I set up a playroom and  shopped aLOT!We celebrated Russian Christmas...more gifts for Victoria Rose.By the way,our daughter is named after my grandmother,Victoria Rose but we call her Torirose because Victoria is also my sister's name.We plan to use Torirose's biological mother's name "Tatiana" for her confirmation name.The date now is January 20th.........


Who Victoria Rose was named after..My grandmother.Victoria Rose was the "Glue"that held our family together.She was born in Warsaw,Poland in 1898 and left us for God's arms in 1990.

Kimber's Baby Shower!

Kimber's Baby Shower!