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Going to Tallinn,Estonia for Gotcha Day


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

December 12,2001..."Gotcha Day"

Welcome Winter Sunset


First Time seeing my "Golden Boy"....Nicholas Misha is the Tallinn Orphanage..Dec 11th here in the States and Dec 12th in Tallinn,Estonia

After what seemed to be the Longest 10 months of our lives,I boarded British Airways at JFK on December 9th with Pam and Too much luggage!We had a connecting flight to London then on to Helsinki,Finland.After finally getting to Helsinki after Pulling something in my back and Pam having to Lug all our Luggage,we fell "Bone tired" into our beds at the Comfort Pilotti.The next morning was on to Tallinn ,Estonia via a quick 35 minute flight.There we met our "Guardian Angel"Arthur who also was our Driver,interpetor and soon to be our Best friend!Now,we try to find the Romeo's Bed & Breakfast which was a Great place to spend the next 7 days!On Dec 12th,we meet with our facilatator,Igor{Pronounced Egor..Say it right or you get a look!}After about 10 minutes,I asked when I could see my son.It was 4pm{But with only a glimse of Day light each day},Igor says"You want your son,,Let's go Get your son!"So we Gotchaed Him ,Nicknamed "Prince Hulligan" at the Tallinn Orphanage!I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!He is a beautiful,smart little man!Cannot wait to get him back to the Hotel!