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Going to Russia for Victoria Rose


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Our Adoptions of VictoriaRose and NicholasMisha

Hello,..Pack your bags!You are off to VLADIVOSTOK!

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January 24, 1999

The telephone rang one morning and our CO-ordinator says"Kimber,pack your bags(like they weren't already packed and re-packed twice!) have to be in Moscow,Russia on the 25th and in Vladivostok to see your daughter on the 27th.We have your courtdate!"leave for JFK NOW!!!"So starts our adventure..10 months after the paperwork ...I left New York on the 24th...7 suitcases and 2 backpacks in tow.We were not in Moscow long enough to build a snowman!Flying to Vladivostok, where there is as much ice as snow in Moscow,it was 30 below 0 at noon but Beautiful!This is where my daughter was born.We were greeted then driven by our co-ordinator,facilitator and the hospital's doctor to the orphanage.Ushered into a little room with nothing but a twin bed,our interpeter told us to wait.This part of the story makes  me cry so I'll have to stop here..It is January 27,1998....


The Catholic Church in Moscow.This church resembles our St. Mary's Catholic Church inside.This is the church that had the St. Theresa{Saint of Orphaned Children}Altar.

Airplane Flying



 in Red Square,Moscow..In front of the famous Clock Tower!  It is 5*F and Snowing Alot!

Tori's Favorite people

Two of VictoriaRose's Favorite People!!!